marble&aluminium honeycomb Composite panels

marble&aluminium honeycomb Composite panels

Product Details:

It consists of a natural and super-thin marble veneer (3mm-5mm) and an aluminum honeycomb panel, tightly bonded together through aeronautic bonding technology.

Characters of marble aluminium honeycomb panels

(1) Light weight, the standard marble honeycomb panel weights 16kg per square meter, which is 1/5 of that of the pure stone panel.

(2) High intensity and high capability of anti-strike; its intensity is 10 times of that of the 3cm-thick-granite.

(3) Good quality of sound insulation and heat insulation.

(4) Convenient to construction, easy to installation

(5) Low weight, lower burden to the building, increase building life span

Applications for marble aluminium honeycomb panels

Curtain wall, table top, interior and exterior decoration
Honeycomb& Marble Composites Tabletop

Dimensions for marble aluminium honeycomb panels


Standard Size: Width300mm-1200mm.Length 300mm-2400mm

Max Size: 1200mmx2400mm

Special size of marble honeycomb panel can be custom made as per requirement of customer.

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