GRP/FRP & PP honeycomb Composite Panels for dry freight

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GRP/FRP & PP honeycomb Composite Panels for dry freight

Product Details:

HONGZAN Brand Gel coated Fiberglass & PP Honeycomb Composite Panel is usually composed of 2mm gel coated FRP on each side and usullay 16mm thick PP honeycomb as the core. The product can also be customized in terms of FRP skin thickness and total panel thickness in various configurations.
Gelcoat is a material used to provide a high-quality finish on the visible surface of a fibre-reinforced composite material. The most common gelcoats are based on epoxy or unsaturated polyester resin chemistry.

Virtues of HONGZAN Gel Coated Fibeglass & PP honeycomb Composite Panels: 

  1. Light Weight. HONGZAN FRP & Honeycomb Composite Panel weighs around 5.5~8.5KG per square meter, depending on the surface skin thickness, while the weight for Plywood composite panels with the same spec can be 16kg per square meter. It is much lighter than plywood & FRP composite panel or steel truck body panel, which effectively helps reduce the truck body weight, thus increase the payload.
  2. HONGZAN FRP & Honeycomb Composite Panel adopts premium gel coating, which is available in various colors, and chemically stable against weathering, water, acid, alkali. This special layer of gel coating gives high smoothness, good gloss retention, non-discoloring performance. These properties make the panel highly appropriate to colorful truck body advertising.
  3. High rigidity and flatness: Thanks to the excellent bonding strength between FRP and PP honeycomb, the panel is extremely strong.
  4. Superior Appearance: Our gloss gelcoated smooth moulded skins provide an exceptional and aesthetically pleasing finish, providing the same appearance as conventional FRP sandwich panels and are ideal for sign writing and decal films.

Max Size: 3000mm x 12000mm.
Thickness: usually 20mm, but available from 6m to 100mm;
FRP skin thickness: 1.2mm~3mm
You could choose to use gel coating on one side or both sides depending on your budget.

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